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  • What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga

    As Pilates and yoga are both done on a yoga mat, they are both physical and mental exercises, and there are many static support movements, so most people have difficulty distinguishing the difference between the two. Difference 1: Origin Yoga originated in ancient India and is rumored to have a h...
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  • Some preparations for tennis practice

    We must first clear before learning tennis to prepare what things: 1, racket 2, sweat band 3, shoes 4, tennis 5, tennis clothes. Today we’re going to focus on the sweat bands around the head and wrist. I believe that everyone often sees people wearing wrist braces on the tennis court. This ...
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  • Interesting facts about yoga mats

    In reality, weight loss will always encounter difficulties. Yoga exercises that do not choose the venue, time, or experience are often easy to enter everyone’s sight, but many people stop at the step of choosing equipment. Here’s the question, is the thicker the yoga mat the better? ...
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  • Football protective gears

    Football has been called the number one sport in the world, but it’s actually more than just a sport. No other sport touches every aspect of people’s lives as much as football. In the sport of football, the injury rate does not seem to be as high as that of basketball, but it is also ...
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  • How to choose waist support for fitness

    First: the role of waist support Waist support is an important equipment in fitness. It can double your strength. It can not only protect your back, but also take care of your lumbar spine. Exercises like squats, hard pull, bench presses, and back pulls, waist support is necessary for these train...
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  • Make walking effortless, make climbing easier

    Make walking effortless, make climbing easier

    You may not know that 70% of our weight is concentrated on the two knee joints. This is also the problem that many people have knee discomfort. The busy and fast pace of life does not allow us to have much time to enjoy the time of strolling. Every day, we rush to all corners of the city, causing...
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  • What is the relationship between racket torque and badminton racket

    Badminton racket torque It refers to the magnitude of the twist on the surface of the racket when the racket hits the ball. The smaller the racket’s torque, the better the control of the ball. Racket weight Every racket should be marked with its weight. Generally, the common marking method...
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  • What are the advantages of playing badminton

    What are the advantages of playing badminton

    1. Practice your eyesight The reason why people can practice “eyes and hands quickly” in playing badminton is very simple: when playing badminton, both ends must always investigate the opponent’s swing and the high-speed flying sphere, and the eyes are tightly looking for the hi...
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  • Precautions for playing basketball

    At present, basketball is one of the sports with the highest popularity rate in our country. Whether it is in primary and secondary schools, we can find the existence of basketball courts, which shows the status of basketball in Chinese medicine. Before understanding the benefits of playing baske...
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  • How to run effectively in summer to lose weight

    How to run effectively in summer to lose weight

    Some people say it’s easier to lose weight in summer than in winter because you lose more weight after exercising, so you lose more weight. When you weigh after a summer workout, you tend to lose one kilo or two, but that’s just because you sweat and are dehydrated. In fact, the summe...
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  • Something you should know about yoga mat

    Something you should know about yoga mat

    Louis Vuitton has brought beach volleyball, rugby, billiards, golf and other sports equipment in the past to show its ambition in the field of luxury accessories. This time it will continue to bring new items such as racket covers, yoga mats, thermos cups and cup covers. . At the moment when the ...
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  • Interesting exercises other than running

    Interesting exercises other than running

    First of all, that’s a great question! Because there are so many people with injuries from running, and there are so many alternatives to running. What kind of exercise should I do? Physiological view is: “as long as the regular use of large muscle groups, produce moderate or large am...
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