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  • Late big game year

    Looking back to the year 2020, international competitions such as the Tokyo Olympic Games and the European Cup have been postponed due to the outbreak. After a year of forced stagnation, the 2021 tournaments will follow. In the event, promotion is an essential link, which gives sports marketing o...
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  • The use of waist belt in fitness

    The use of waist belt in fitness

    When to use waist belt and why If you’re someone who just started working out, you don’t need to buy a belt right away. But if you’ve been doing squats and pullouts for a week, and you’ve reached 80% of your body weight, then it’s time to consider using a waist bel...
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  • High quality indoor aerobic exercise

    Aerobic exercise refers to the physical exercise carried out by the human body under the condition of adequate supply of oxygen. Namely in motion process, the oxygen that human body inhales and demand are equal, achieve the balance state on physiology. Many people who like to keep fit do not like...
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  • Same style back support belt of celebrity

    There is a popular variety show in China recently, in which 30 female stars compete on the same stage, which not only brings the audience a wonderful public performance, but also brings a lot of products with the same style, such as Zhang Yuqi’s posture correction belt in training. As we al...
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  • Four misunderstandings about squats

    Different fitness have different methods. It is impossible for us to do the same with standard exercises, but we have to find the one that suits us. Because some improper actions are not only not good for us, but also harm our body. Let me introduce the four major misunderstandings about squattin...
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  • How to choose knee supports scientifically

    Do you feel a little discomfort in your knees after running for a long time, and your parents often complain of knee pain when they are getting older? Should you buy a knee support for maintenance? This article will share some useful knowledge about knee pads. Different knee pads have different f...
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  • Three most suitable sports in winter

    In the cold winter season, if you insist on proper physical exercise, you can not only regulate lung qi, but also enhance the immune function of various tissues and organs and the body’s ability to resist external cold stimuli. Fitness experts suggest that winter sports should be relaxed an...
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  • How do children exercise?

    When a child grows up, he should not only pay attention to his diet, but also exercise his body properly, so as to improve the child’s physical fitness. Regular exercise can also enhance the child’s immunity. So, how do children exercise? 1. You can let your children run or ride a bic...
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  • Knowledge about cycling

    Knowledge about cycling

    In recent years, cycling has been quietly emerging in cities as a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy way of sports. Cycling is a very good fitness exercise, but don’t just ride hard, but also pay attention to the correct riding posture, so that it will not cause sports injurie...
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  • Damage to the body caused by excessive running

    In life, our proper amount of running exercise is good for our health. However, excessive running exercise is harmful to the body, so we must remember to take an appropriate amount when doing exercise. Since excessive amounts can cause damage, let’s talk about the damage that excessive runn...
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  • How to avoid sports injuries when skiing

    When winter arrives, many people think that winter sports will be reduced, but this is not the case. Skiing is very popular nowadays. It is exciting and fashionable, so it always attracts many people, but at the same time , Skiing is also an extreme sport that is very easy to get injured. As we a...
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  • How to avoid excessive exercise?

    In fact, for most people, the more exercise, the better, because most people are still far from reaching the level where too much exercise can harm their health. 1. Don’t have too high standards or too much strength: Some people set their own standards too high, such as adopting the maratho...
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