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  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics have finally begun!

    2020 Tokyo Olympics have finally begun!

    I don’t know if you know, this Tokyo Olympic Games in the original 28 kinds of events, and five new events. So what are these projects? Let’s do an inventory today in terms of novelty. Number 5: Rock climbing In fact, many people are not unfamiliar with this project, and now many larg...
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  • The Chinese table tennis team actively seeks trouble and actively prepares for the Tokyo Olympics

    The Chinese table tennis team actively seeks trouble and actively prepares for the Tokyo Olympics

    Whether it is increasing the difficulty of training or enlarging the details of preparations, putting the difficulties ahead and making relevant preparations, it reflects the attitude of Chinese athletes to strive for excellence and the determination to “make every effort to make further pr...
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  • What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga

    As Pilates and yoga are both done on a yoga mat, they are both physical and mental exercises, and there are many static support movements, so most people have difficulty distinguishing the difference between the two. Difference 1: Origin Yoga originated in ancient India and is rumored to have a h...
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  • Common mistakes that runners make

    Common mistakes that runners make

    Everyone who runs wants to run fast, well, right, and avoid injury. But from “can run” to “can run”, the difference is a whole set of systematic learning. From daily training to official competition, how should we follow the scientific plan? Let’s take a look at the follow...
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  • Precautions for playing basketball

    At present, basketball is one of the sports with the highest popularity rate in our country. Whether it is in primary and secondary schools, we can find the existence of basketball courts, which shows the status of basketball in Chinese medicine. Before understanding the benefits of playing baske...
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  • How to run effectively in summer to lose weight

    How to run effectively in summer to lose weight

    Some people say it’s easier to lose weight in summer than in winter because you lose more weight after exercising, so you lose more weight. When you weigh after a summer workout, you tend to lose one kilo or two, but that’s just because you sweat and are dehydrated. In fact, the summe...
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  • What happens to your body when you run for a long time

    What happens to your body when you run for a long time

    1. Eyes: People who insist on long-distance running have about 1 hour a day to look straight into the distance. This is a good way for the eyes to relax and rest. If you have school-age children in your family, you can keep him running every day and have myopia. The odds will definitely decrease....
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  • Interesting exercises other than running

    Interesting exercises other than running

    First of all, that’s a great question! Because there are so many people with injuries from running, and there are so many alternatives to running. What kind of exercise should I do? Physiological view is: “as long as the regular use of large muscle groups, produce moderate or large am...
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  • Knowledge of fitness protective gear

    Many people don’t have the habit of wearing protective gear when they train in the gym. Maybe you don’t think it is necessary, but today I want to say that protective gear is very important both from the point of view of safety and training effectiveness. So today we’re going to...
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  • Four points to pay attention to in spring sports

    Unconsciously, spring has passed a month, the temperature gradually rising, lazy body dormant for a few months, hibernation should be over. If you don’t exercise in the spring, you’ll be depressed all year round. Here are four tips to keep fit in the spring. 1. Get rid of stiffness a...
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  • Which protective gear is necessary when exercising

    Many people have such questions as to which sports protective gear are necessary for us in daily sports. For this reason, I have prepared this article for everyone, not much nonsense, let us go directly to the topic. In strength training, the main role of wrist bracers is to be used in “ben...
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  • Late big game year

    Looking back to the year 2020, international competitions such as the Tokyo Olympic Games and the European Cup have been postponed due to the outbreak. After a year of forced stagnation, the 2021 tournaments will follow. In the event, promotion is an essential link, which gives sports marketing o...
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