What happens to your body when you run for a long time

1. Eyes: People who insist on long-distance running have about 1 hour a day to look straight into the distance. This is a good way for the eyes to relax and rest. If you have school-age children in your family, you can keep him running every day and have myopia. The odds will definitely decrease.

2. Neck, shoulders, spine: People who often sit in front of the computer will more or less have some cervical and shoulder problems. The correct running posture requires the back to be straight and relaxed. Long-term persistence will affect the cervical spine and shoulders. The discomfort has been greatly improved.

3. Heart: Persisting in running will give you a strong heart and cardiovascular system. While increasing the maximum oxygen uptake, the amount of oxygen delivered to the various organs of the body is greatly increased, and the quality of the work of each organ is naturally greatly improved. In addition, middle- and long-distance running will speed up blood circulation, so that the coronary arteries have enough blood to supply the heart muscle, thereby preventing various heart diseases. The movement of the lower limbs promotes venous blood flow back to the heart and prevents intravenous thrombosis.

4. Blood: With a strong cardiovascular system, runners’ blood quality is better than ordinary people. The body’s adaptive changes to long-term mid- and long-distance running can improve metabolism and reduce blood lipids and cholesterol levels.

5. Lungs and respiratory system: Long-term mid- and long-distance running exercises strengthen lung function and increase lung capacity. Regular long-term running can develop the respiratory muscles of the lungs, increase the volume of each air exchange, and enhance lung function.

6. Liver: Running can improve and eliminate fatty liver.

7. Abdomen: Persisting in running for a long time can effectively remove the fat in the abdomen, so that you have a fit and flat belly.

8. Waist and buttocks: The changes in the figure caused by running are first reflected in these two positions. Many people have had this experience. After starting to run for a period of time, the weight has not been significantly reduced, but the figure has been significantly improved, especially the waistline. Become more beautiful.

9. Knee: Running can improve blood circulation throughout the body, and it has a great effect on the knees. Although, some people may feel pain in the knees when they first start running, but with the gradual accumulation and strength exercises, the knees are all Becoming stronger and stronger.

Post time: Apr-29-2021