Interesting exercises other than running

First of all, that’s a great question! Because there are so many people with injuries from running, and there are so many alternatives to running. What kind of exercise should I do? Physiological view is: “as long as the regular use of large muscle groups, produce moderate or large amount of oxygen consumption, called aerobic exercise” can be, and are conducive to health and physical fitness.

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Different types of exercise have different stimulative effects on different physical fitness ranges, and what kind of exercise should we choose that is most beneficial to us?

1. Walking: the most basic activity of human beings is to walk 2-4 kilometers per hour. Although “walking 100 steps after meals will make you live to be ninety-nine”, the amount of exercise is too low and there is no pressure on cardiopulmonary function, so it is of limited help to fitness. At most, it is the minimum training of agility and muscle endurance for the balance of the body. It is suitable for the elderly who do not exercise at all, have excessive obesity, serious heart, joint problems or lower vitality.

2. Race walking: refers to the speed of about 6 kilometers per hour, the hands need to swing to maintain the balance of the walking movement, if a little faster, can produce cardiopulmonary pressure on ordinary people, promote cardiopulmonary function; While swinging your hands and keeping your upper body straight for balance, you can also train your core muscle group’s endurance and agility to a minimum. Because there is no injury, the place is suitable, and it is the best sport for the ordinary people with physical fitness.

3. Running: refers to the speed of more than 8 kilometers per hour, can last more than 20 minutes of exercise. Because consume a lot of calories, the place is easy to find, become the most popular and effective exercise to lose weight. Mainly training cardiopulmonary function and lower body muscle endurance. If the time is longer, the intensity increases, and some people have problems with exercise addiction and overtraining, they can sometimes develop sports injuries, such as a runner’s knee or Achilles tendinitis.

4. Bicycle riding: Humans have been using bicycles for more than 100 years. In addition to the use of legs, the correct riding posture will also use the muscles of the abdomen and back, even the shoulders and upper back. With cushions, pads, and tires to evenly distribute the stress of the road, it’s the best exercise orthopedic surgeons recommend for people with lower limb joint problems. The myth that cycling hurts your knees is a myth, according to a study that shows that cycling improves quadriceps muscle strength and actually reduces knee degeneration. In addition to muscle strength and endurance training, cycling fast can increase cardio training, and even cycling at a slower pace can help balance and agility. However, due to the safety and weather limitations of cycling, if the situation is not possible, indoor stationary bikes can eliminate these problems, but also reduce the enjoyment of seeing the scenery and the changing environment. And long – term fixed – position riding should also be extra stretching exercise, to reduce the possibility of sports injury.

5. Swimming: Whether it is freestyle, frog stroke or butterfly stroke, it is the best full-body movement for human beings. Swimming uses almost all the muscles of the body, and can train muscle strength, muscular endurance, cardiopulmonary function, balance and agility, as well as softness, etc. The possibility of sports injury is very low. The only pity is that the swimming area, preparation and after-care are troublesome, and the technique also requires extra learning, which is not everyone’s interest. Another problem is that cold water stimulates the appetite and is not a good exercise for weight loss.

6. Dance: including ballroom dance, rhythmic dance and other forms, in a good design and under the guidance of the teacher, should be a very good whole body and all-round movement, with music and partners can also improve interest and movement persistence. However, due to time and partner constraints, it depends on individual efforts, and shy and introverted people may be less willing to participate.

7. All kinds of ball games: and dancing are the same need to find partners and interesting sports. Among them, the more explosive type of ball, such as basketball and badminton, has a higher demand for muscle strength and muscle endurance, and requires agility, balance and softness.

8. Gym exercise: except the treadmill, which is an aerobic exercise that can strengthen the heart and lung function, other equipment exercise and weight training are all to train muscle strength and endurance. This kind of muscle training cannot reduce weight, can let body form and muscle look good only just.

9. Mountain climbing: continuous uphill and downhill walking is mainly to train the cardiopulmonary function and the muscle endurance of the back and lower limbs. If the thigh muscle endurance is insufficient, it will cause great harm to the knee joint, so it is not recommended. Many mountain lovers never get bored with mountaineering because of its interesting changes in altitude and scenery. But it should be noted that the backpack should be light weight, and use alpine poles and knee pads. However, due to the rapid change of weather in the mountains, the environment is difficult to control, so it is necessary to act conservatively, pay attention to safety, and obey the rules of the team. Climbing mountains is not recommended.

10. Yoga: for girls, especially suitable for this exercise, the combination of physical and mental relaxation and physical stretching. I hope we can all enjoy the pure pleasure of sports.

Post time: Apr-05-2021