Fitness protective gear

In the process of fitness, it is easy for us to cause muscle strain and tendon strain because of overexertion. When muscle strain and tendon strain occur, we will feel pain. Although exercise is good for our health, it means proper exercise. If we do not take proper precautions in the process of exercise, we may get injury. Protective measures will backfire. In the process of exercise, it leads to rapid aging and wear of knee joint, elbow joint and other parts, so we should also use sports protective gear to protect our muscles and bones when doing fitness exercises.


The most vulnerable part of the human body is the joint position, such as wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, waist, back, neck and so on. Sports protective gear is specially designed according to different parts of the body. According to your injured part, choose protective gear suitable for your body. Most of the protective devices are made of nylon, rubber, polyester fibers and other chemicals of different materials. They have the advantages of tensile resistance, toughness, comfortable touch and good ventilation. They assist magic buckles to apply pressure and fix, improve the stability of joints and muscles, keep them within the appropriate stress range, and protect joints during exercise. Muscles will not damage by intense movements or extensive stretching.


A good protective implement must have the following characteristics.
Protective and restorative: This is also the most important use of protective devices. The pressure transformation of protective devices to pressure muscles can alleviate pain, promote metabolism and enhance the stability of joints. It also has a good corrective effect on the injured parts and prevent re-injury. Soft fabrics adopt unique weaving methods with unique ductility and excellent air permeability, can produce pressure with medical effect. It can expel moisture quickly, which is very important for recovery.
Compressibility and Supportability: Sports protective gear has a very professional design, conforms to the arc design of the protective part. It cooperates with the scalability and magic patch adjustment of the protective device, improves the strength and stability of the wrapped muscle while not losing the protective function, and also ensures that the wearing part has very good flexibility. Adding flexible metal sprang sheets to some protective devices which need special protection to strengthen the support can help to maintain the stability and shock absorption function of the joint during the frequent movement of the protective parts. Alleviate the possibility of injury due to improper or excessive fatigue. Overall comfortable coating and good supporting performance provide better protection for the injured parts and effectively avoid the occurrence of secondary injuries.
Warmth retention and air permeability: Warmth retention is to keep the body's heat in non-exercise state from easily losing, so that the parts needing protection are less vulnerable and can be better restored. At the same time, we also need to ensure air permeability, because exercise is bound to sweat, good air permeability, so that sweat can be quickly discharged, so that the part of the package can be dry and comfortable. Good protective equipment not only has good sweating effect, but also can keep the surface moisture from excessive evaporation loss. The thermal insulation effect is first-class, which can make you in a very good state in sports and more comfortable in recovery.

Post time: Jun-17-2020