2020 Tokyo Olympics have finally begun!

I don’t know if you know, this Tokyo Olympic Games in the original 28 kinds of events, and five new events. So what are these projects? Let’s do an inventory today in terms of novelty.

Number 5: Rock climbing

In fact, many people are not unfamiliar with this project, and now many large shopping malls also have similar facilities. While this is the sport’s first appearance at the Olympics, the sport has now received provisional approval from the International Olympic Committee to at least be included in the 2024 Summer Games. There are two sports climbing events, the men’s all-around and the women’s all-around. Overall, the race is still about speed, and the shorter the time, the winner.

Number 4: Skateboard

Yes, you heard that right, skateboard. The game began in the 1940s on the West Coast of the United States. Skateboards were made of narrow boards and small iron wheels. After further refinement, plastic replaced metal as the preferred material for wheels. The sport is very popular among the younger generation. There are two types of skateboarding at the Olympics, park and street. There are men’s and women’s divisions, so four gold MEDALS will be awarded. All in all, I think it should be a fun game to watch.

Number 3: Surfing

Surfing should be familiar to everyone, but this is the first time the sport has been added to the Olympics. Interestingly, the race is actually held in the sea. You know, there are no identical waves in the ocean, so each wave breaks in a different way, but there is always a score, so if you’re wondering, how is the score in a surfing competition? The judges’ criteria are based on performance and difficulty, innovation, combination and type of action, as well as speed, power and flow, the key factors that affect good surfing. So instead of going after the number of waves or the number of routines, athletes need to choose the waves that offer the most room to play and finish with the highest quality.

Number 2: Baseball and softball

Both events were introduced at the 2008 Beijing Games, but have since been cancelled. And this time around, it’s men’s baseball and women’s softball. The difference between softball and baseball, just briefly, is that the field is smaller and the distance between the pitcher and the batter is shorter. In addition, the ball is larger and less dense, and the bat is shorter. Softball is an indoor version of baseball designed to take care of the fact that girls are less athletic than boys.

Number 1: XXX

Since this is the final introduction, the last addition to the project that must be great, then what is this project? It’s called karate! In addition to men’s and women’s competitions, kilogram divisions, there are even exhibitions. This event alone will produce 8 gold MEDALS

Post time: Jul-23-2021