• Open patella knee brace

    Open patella knee brace

    Double row of silicone anti-slip strip design, prevent sliding in the process of movement, the upper strap protects and promotes the repair of damaged meniscus and ligaments, the internal spring bar design assists the knee joint to stabilize and absorb the impact capacity, protecting the knee joint, the lower strap reduces patella pressure and prevents patella strain.
  • 7mm neoprene knee sleeve

    7mm neoprene knee sleeve

    The 7mm knee sleeve we produce is made of neoprene and nylon, the breathable and high elasticity material can give you good compression and provide support to your knee. We can customize color and size for you, and customized logo is also accepted. This knee sleeve is applied for sports protection, and available for adult and children.
  • Single strap patella belt

    Single strap patella belt

    This knee strap uses special neoprene material which is softer on the skin and makes our strap more comfortable, it utilizes an advanced silicone insert to provide superior support and impact absorption. The silicone pad provides a comfortable but firm compression on your patella tendon reducing discomfort and irritation. This size is universal, can be fit for everyone.
  • Cycling knee pad

    Cycling knee pad

    The knee pad refers to ergonomics, it helps protect your knee joint in sports and give you good user experience. This product use neoprene material, which is both breathable and water-proof. The joint pad is thickened anti-collision EVA material, it protects your patella from getting hit or hurt. You can adjust to your best position with adjustable straps, the velcro strap can better fix the knee pad and give you better compression.
  • Silicone knee support

    Silicone knee support

    The knee is easy to be injured due to various reasons, and the bones are more easily deformed with age, so the knee should be protected. The silicone ring knee protector warms the knee joint and promotes blood circulation; the silicone ring wraps 360 ° around both sides of the knee joint to provide full support protection for the knee joint; the knee protector is not easy to move.
  • Dual strap patella belt

    Dual strap patella belt

    The patella belt is a kind of sports protector for the knee joint. The volume is not as large as the knee support, and it is flexible to wear. The main function of the patella belt is to protect the patellar ligament, stabilize the patella, reduce the wear of the meniscus, and also have a good protective effect on the joint. The pain caused also has a good relief effect.
  • Nylon knee sleeve

    Nylon knee sleeve

    The nylon knee sleeve is breathable but also provides good compression at the same time, and strap design is also available for better support. Whether rigorous exercise, walking, hiking, running, sports or as a general knee pain, to wear this knee protector brace will protect your knee from injure or relief pain to enjoy moving or joint flexibility.
  • Foam knee support

    Foam knee support

    Lightweight and thin, sports breathable elastic material, comfortable to wear, very suitable for such vigorous sports as basketball, at the same time it also has good support and cushioning and anti-collision function, simple and easy to wear, just put on, no extra steps, elastic and the fabric with excellent adhesion, it also outlines the curve of the legs well, which is both aesthetically pleasing.
  • Hinged knee support

    Hinged knee support

    Wear this hinged knee support to ensure that the knee will not be easily injured. If worn after injury, it can reduce the bending of the knee to protect the knee joint. It has the ideal combination of quality, density and thickness of the neoprene material absorb high-impact activity and the non-bulky feel allows for a fully adaptable range of movement!
  • Bamboo charcoal knee brace

    Bamboo charcoal knee brace

    Bamboo charcoal knee brace is a product made of fabric containing bamboo charcoal fiber. Its composition also contains latex silk, cotton yarn, spandex, etc. The unique structural design of bamboo charcoal fiber makes the function of bamboo charcoal 100%. It is the best choice for moisture absorption and cold protection to protect the knee joint.