Cycling knee pad

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The knee pad refers to ergonomics, it helps protect your knee joint in sports and give you good user experience. This product use neoprene material, which is both breathable and water-proof. The joint pad is thickened anti-collision EVA material, it protects your patella from getting hit or hurt. You can adjust to your best position with adjustable straps, the velcro strap can better fix the knee pad and give you better compression.

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Material Neoprene, polyester, EVA
Size S, M, L
Color Black or can be customized
Function Protect knee, keep safe.
Superiority 1.Concise 2.Flexible 3.Durable 4.Comfortable
Characteristics 1.The elastic knee pad provides support to you
2.Helps to support knee
3.Comfortable to wear
4.Elastic design won’t affect your movement
5.The good compression can make your knee covered
6.It provides comfort, superior flexibility and durability for daily wear


Protecting your knee is very important for healthy riding. With correct riding method and effective protection, the knee joint won’t get damaged during cycling or running. Our cycling protection knee pad is adjustable and thickened. It can be adjusted according to the size and exercise habits of the person. The knee pad can stabilize the patella and avoid the abrasion and pain caused by excessive movement of the patella. Because the material is elastic and fits body well, it is suitable for light and intensive sports.

The knee pad can give you good compression when doing sports. The compression force of the knee pad helps blood flow, which is a good choice for long-term runners and cycling lovers. Once the leg makes a large and powerful movement, it will cause the patella to shift or ligament strain, these parts need to rest after injury. Knee pads tightly wrap the knee joints and brake these parts to prevent them from making extraordinary movements again and further damaging themselves. 

The strength of the lower limbs, especially the quadriceps and gluteus maximus, is insufficient. During running and cycling, the eccentric contraction and cushioning capacity is insufficient. The direct load on the knee joints will increase a lot, and the risk of injury will increase. The knee pad we produce follows ergonomics, the back round vent allows your knee move freely without restrictions. It has a certain thickness and elasticity, which can buffer the impact force when hitting a hard object during exercise, and protect the knee joint.


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